Find my voice

short films in small dark rooms

former Archive Office

in a castle

that’s never a former castle



they hypnotise

make me think that employment

is a kind of life support

that’s in effect switched off

on receipt of a P45

they hypnotise



I think of the past

imagining the workers disappearing

the rulers search for them

in their hovels

the servants’ quarters

but they can’t be found



who will replace them?

The Future: A Retrospective

Saxifrage non Anglo-Saxon

equinox economic migrants

just like you and me


so come in join me in

a draught of peace mead

and supermarket Spanish red wine

and toast the Cathars


subsumed within the contours

of bottles

as good as any place anywhere

in this imperfect present tense


the light at windows

creates a space

no great shakes

lily white imaginings

magic thinking


what happens to odours when

they have expired?

what becomes of expiated

thought processes?


is the past still alive

and being continually re-invented?

or are we all dead and interred

in the defining moments

of our respective countries?


a wasp-induced September

with insects queuing at exterior lights

while rotting fruits

marry fallen leaves

in stagnant holy water
the Earth still moves

The Elixir of Preparation

The elixir of preparation

and the preparation of the elixir

the moving air

the flies on hot roof tiles

science as an aspirin


to be a crow

then one crow to another

an imagined conversation with Nick Cave

in the cemetery of celebratory dead




in Arden Forest

the view through a green glass sphere

“better do it now than wish it done”

Of The Fields

I am of the fields

the ones in which my grandfather

used to toil and hunt rabbits

to feed nine mouths


always close at hand

in the distance

the horizons


the cattle-hooved mud at gates

the perpetual feeling of trespass

among the thistles nettles

and cow pats

the trees the largest objects of that world


my parents had left the meadows

to live in brand new local

authority housing

and benefit from modern technology

and labour-saving labours


the fields followed them as

lawns borders hedges weeds

wallpaper and cemeteries


I am of the fields

I played at soldiers there

and honed the loneliness

of the imagination

and learned how to die


No Harps

I am not a harper

I am not a Fisher King

I am neither of these things

I am not a father

I am not a feather wing

I am neither of these things

I am not a player

I am not a fiddle string

I am neither of these things

I am not a piper

I am not a diamond ring

I am neither of these things

I am not a singer

I am not a playground swing

I am neither of these things

I am not a sinner

I am not a waspish sting

I am neither of these things

I am not a swimmer

I am not a moorland spring

I am neither of these things

I am not a winner

I am not a rifle sling

I am neither of these things