The Trigger-Happiness

Squeeze me

4 thoughts on “The Trigger-Happiness

  1. Yes! (Though i’ve always wondered how does one ‘squeeze’ the trigger of a gun?) Are Romance and War at different ends of the same continuum (isn’t everything?) The juxtaposition of the two ideas/realities has made me think. It has kind of ripped the idea of Romance out of context, and emphasized how War stamps on it. Doesn’t the movie “American Beauty” make a similar point? (That in advanced capitalist societies – perhaps not just those – war and harm and fear and terror (and power) are worshipped, exalted. deified. Fetishized?) I think that’s it, Paul: the juxtaposition of the two senses that the phrase ‘Squeeze me’ engenders serves to fetishisize both.

  2. Never mind – there’s a lot of it about lol. A text that has influenced me a lot is the philosopher Slovoj Ziziek’s paper on cynicism as a fetish which forced me to reconsider my own cynicism

    I’ve always thought that the function of – modern – art is to grate on our consciousness to the extent that it makes us doubt what we take for granted – and forces us to recast our perceptions. (But we have to discover what is fetishized first)

    I think you’ve done that with the juxtaposition of the photograph of the gun (itself a fetish) and the fetishized legend beneath. So…it worked.

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